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Geschäftsfrau denkt: "Das muss doch besser gehen als bisher – oder?"
NOVENSIS expertice


Often it is most important the you have an independent partner at your side. A consultant who helps you optimise costs and processes thanks to his many years of experience, who knows, selects and monitors the specialists who best satisfy your needs, whe assists you with regard to tenders and offers and controls the quality delivered by your service providers.

NOVENSIS offers consulting services that are tailored to making your project a success – according to your wishes.

Geschäftsfrau denkt: "Kann ich das nicht verständlicher präsentieren?"
NOVENSIS expertice


Your target group expects a convincer – perfectly delivered. Which media are suitable to tell your success story and impress? Who offers the kow-how for a structured and modern appearance to the outside world? And who provides an attractive graphic realisation?

NOVENSIS supports you in communication effectively – by means a professional concepts and designs for all suitable media.

Geschäftsfrau denkt: "Muss ich mich wirklich um alle Details selbst kümmern?"
NOVENSIS expertice


It is a special moment and everyone knows it: The day on which you promote your ideas and inspire your costumers, superiors, staff members. Bad preperation, delays, mishaps during the process? Unthinkable. What you need now is a flexible service provider who supports you most reliably. And who keeps his cool when under presure thanks to his many years of experience.

NOVENSIS takes the pressure off you during planning and implementation and ensures that your events and road shows will be remembered.

Geschäftsfrau denkt: "Wie bekomme ich das alles jetzt noch pünktlich produziert?"
NOVENSIS expertice


You need exciting and creative ideas that are realised to the point. To get this you need a producer who is able to deliver the best quality as soon as possible and who can do the impossible, if necessary.

NOVENSIS develops, produces and ships your printed documents, mailing and give-aways – flexibly, reliably, and budget-consciously.